Your Ascension Path


marconics testimonials

“Deeply delicious and integrative energy work.” 


marconics testimonials

“After my No Touch session conducted by Anne Elizabeth’s caring expertise, I felt calm and clear with steady energy into the evening. During the session, I felt sensations of energy moving through me, a noticeable warmth, then a sensation of water running pleasantly through the inside of my body. I became aware of several of my animal guides being present. That night, I dreamed I was in the presence of Light, and when I awoke, the word enrichment came to my mind. The overall experience was lovely and peaceful. With appreciation, gratitude and joy.” 


marconics testimonials

I am not new to energy work nor to the concept of ascension but, since Marconics was a new modality for me, I did not know really what to expect.

I did know that there was a reason for me scheduling my first No Touch session with Anne Elizabeth and that I felt completely safe after meeting her and entering her healing space. I also know that I wanted to continue to the Re-Calibration sessions as part of my ascension journey. Describing my experiences is difficult: I can say that Ann was not the only one working with me. With every session, I could feel subtle movement, quick, light, so fast that I finally had to give up trying to figure out what was happening. I had to surrender to the process. I left my sessions with feelings of light heartedness and a knowing that I will continue with this journey.”