Your Ascension Path


As a Marconic Energy Practitioner Anne Elizabeth offers no touch sessions which help the recipient begin the journey of ascension. This occurs through access to the axiatonal lines which are present around each individual as well as surrounding the earth and the galaxy. No Touch sessions are designed to raise your frequency beyond what it has been, and gives you a chance to connect with that 8th chakra which connects with the Higher Selves This can result in healing on all levels of the multi dimensional body.

After this experience, the seeker can experience the Recalibration, which unblocks the chakras by uncapping and recapping them in order to make them accessible to so much more energy than was possible in the past. This activates your Quantum Merkaba which powers your ability to expand your awareness and consciousness and enables you to create a new reality for yourself.

This is now combined with a cleansing protocol called the Fire and Flood which helps the seeker to release old and outdated energies. A real cleaning of the internal house, it provides a new internal space for the new energies which are coming in.

These protocols culminate in the Protocol for the I AM merge and can link with the gold and sovereign selves. These protocols are separate and a recipient can schedule to begin this journey at any time.

Certification classes are also offer in the Asheville area as well as in the USA. Please check the website for schedules and other information.

Healing Light Energy Marconics