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Although there are a number of different ascension paths, the Marconics ascension path differs from others in that it is directly transmitted to and through Alison David Bird connected with Grace Elohim. Marconics is on a continuum of progression as the frequencies of earth shift and adjust to numerous energetic changes. Marconics protocols were given in order to help the people of earth deal with these changes. New protocols and upgrades continue to be given as the earth polarities and magnetic energies shift in its transformation to higher dimensions. Marconics is an organic and multi-dimensional process which is continuing to morph in response to the needs of the earth and its inhabitants.

What is Marconics?

The earth and its inhabitants have entered the 5th dimensional photon belt and beyond. Many new energies have come into our consciousness as a result. To the extent that people are operating through fear and anxiety and want to move beyond this, Marconics offers a safe and direct pathway for that evolution

Marconics is a multidimensional modality that transcends conventional healing modalities. It is an ascension healing process that allows the human body and the etheric body to connect with Source and to ground at the center of each person’s omega star chakra.

Marconics facilitates the alignment of the light body with higher selves. It offers the experience of upgrading and freeing your DNA to assume functions the have not been possible before 2012 when Marconics became first known.

This process can stimulate an upgrade of mind and body so you can process and cope with dimensional realities beyond the 5h dimension as they come to the earth plane. This energy can raise your frequency to such a degree the you expand your consciousness, have spontaneous healings and emotional releases.

Much of what is no longer useful to the body or the mind can be released and cleansed because your energy has been phased locked in the third dimension. It can now be free to explore other dimensions. As this occurs, our body can release density which may involve changes in outlook, in your choices in life and in your lifestyle.